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Oracle Retail Solution

Innogen Technologies provide Implementation solution for Oracle Retail products into their clients. Innogen have invested in their consultants to ensure they are fully trained and qualified to ensure complete and comprehensive knowledge is provided and delivered accurately to retailers. This in conjunction with Best Retail Practises, Innogen ensure successful delivery of the solution to our clients in the most efficient and complete manner.

Innogen Technologies focus on the following products –

Working Closely with Oracle and their products has allowed us to develop an implementation methodology which allows us to implement the solution with as minimal impact on the retailers day to day business.

  • Oracle Retail Point Of Service (ORPOS)
  • Oracle Retail Back Office (ORBO)
  • Oracle Retail Central Office (ORCO)
  • Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (ORSIM)
  • Oracle Retail Mobile POS (ORMPOS)
  • Oracle Merchandising Operation Management (ORMOM)
  • Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (ORRPAS)
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising Systems (ORRMS)


Integrations and Customisations.

With our extensive experience in working with the Oracle Retail application stack, Innogen have considerable experience integrating Oracle Retail systems into various 3rd party or Legacy system, ranging from simple
Out of the Box changes to such as adapting workflows to better match business processes and language to more complicated one off customisations keeping in line with best practises, while at the same time still maintaining the clients Upgrade path.

  • Integrations conducted:
  • HR and employee portals
  • Loyalty platforms
  • Billing
  • Merchandising platforms
  • Customer relationship Management systems (AMDOCS, Siebel)
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Payment Gateways
  • Order management systems
  • Various instore devices and peripherals.
  • Various Finance platforms


Innogen Technologies, has a long standing partnership with Oracle Retail and are proud to be part of Oracle Partner Network (OPN).
Holding Gold Membership status, allows us to have access to training material and seminars held by oracle before the rest of the market, giving us first hand access to the latest technologies and enhancements which Oracle have to offer.
Proof of our success with Oracle Retail has been the confidence in providing specialised resource into Oracle
to assist in the implementation processes for their Key Clients as well as the confidence they hold in knowing Innogen are able to deliver with success. Innogen also advise and assist Oracle Retail R&D on enhancements of future products and hold regular meetings on what we see from clients to make the Oracle Retail product even better. Oracle regularly engages Innogen Technologies in supporting their clients in all stages of an engagement, from providing support to their sales teams through to implementation and delivery.
As a trusted Oracle Partner of choice for retail store solutions we work closely with oracle and are seen
as trusted advisors, with this in mind our goals are aligned to give retailers:

Other Implementation partners.

Innogen Technologies are always open to partnering with various suppliers of solutions, therefore, we are always seeking partnership programs with other providers and have partnered with many leading organisations in the market for larger implementation programmes.
Partnering with various suppliers in the past with the likes of Tech Mahindra and Infosys, Innogen have proved to be flexible in defining a working relationship to deliver successful programme into Retailers with larger transformation programmes.